The Royal Windsor Apartments

The Royal Windsor is a 66 Unit apartment building in downtown Windsor.  It was purchased under bank power of sale with very favorable terms from Motor City Community Credit Union (MCCCU).  Rho-Orion Investments was able to raise $620,000 in private financing to acquire this magnificent property at a purchase price of $27,000 per unit.

Tenants and visitors enter off Park St. W. through iron gates along a sheltered concrete pathway. Two grand oak doors secure the front entrance and set the tone for this old world apartment. The lobby is spacious and elegant, and the hallways are generous and well lit.

At the time of acquisition, the Royal Windsor was a distressed property with high vacancies and significant deferred maintenance. Today, we have addressed all of

the deficiencies in the building infrastructure, stabilized the rent roll, and renovated over 30 units. The property now has strong positive cash flow and is able to fund on-going suite renovations out of operating surplus.